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During the 2017 Legislative Session, starting January 9, the State Legislature will determine if and how much of the requests below will receive appropriarion in the 2017-2019 State Budget. That is why it is important for JWPT supporters to contact their legislators to urge them to appropriate the maximum requested. On March 28, the Senate submitted its budget proposal, which excluded 2 of the 3 grant requests below. The Malden to Rosalia development, and the Tekoa Trestle renovation, both in eastern Washington's 9th District, were excluded from funding. The Renslow Trestle renovation was funded. The House has yet to submit its budget.


State Parks’ has secured grant funding for several projects and is seeking additional grant funds as below to improve Iron Horse State Park Trail.  IF the state legislature appropriates the WWRP the full $120 million requested for 2017-2019, the grants will be funded as below (see WWRP's/State Parks grants rankings):
Malden to Rosalia Grading, Graveling, and Trailheads ($1,745,000)

State Parks has submitted 2017-19 Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) grant request to permit and construct grading and surfacing improvements to the 9-mile section of Iron Horse State Park Trail between the towns of Malden and Rosalia, as well as adding a trailhead facility in Malden.  The primary intent of this project is to upgrade the trail to a standard consistent with the other improved sections of the trail and to make this section accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The project scope includes reducing the grade in five areas (road crossings/former bridge sites) to 10% or less and surfacing the trail with crushed rock. The project would also likely include signing and gates.  State Parks has a grant from the State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) for $20,000 and a donation of $40,000 from the estate of John Kono to complete design and engineering for the project.  Bid-ready construction documents will be complete by October 2016.  State Parks anticipates applying for an approximately $1,200,000 grant and additional funds donated by the Kono estate for construction in the 2017-19 biennium.  This grant proposal will also include construction of a trailhead facility in Malden.  

Malden to Rosalia

Renslow Trestle ($1,246,000)

State Parks has submitted a WWRP grant request to renovate the 680 foot long historic Renslow Trestle that connects two portions of the Iron Horse Trail separated by I-90 between the town of Ellensburg and the Columbia River. Built in the early 1900's the Renslow Trestle is one of Washington state’s iconic steel structures used to carry trains of the Minnesota St. Paul Railway over large geographical gaps throughout the west. New concrete decking, railing, and safety fencing on the Renslow Trestle will improve safety and will complete the "missing link" eliminating the last arduous and convoluted detour between Ellensburg and the Columbia River, resulting in 32 miles of continuous trail. Crossing the renovated trestle will also add a new and exciting element to the Iron Horse experience.

Renslow Trestle

Tekoa Trestle ($1,534,000)

State Parks has submitted a WWRP grant request to complete design, permit, and construction improvements to the 975-foot Tekoa trestle. The project would add concrete decking to the steel railroad trestle and install safety railings, making the bridge usable by hikers, cyclists, and equestrians.

Tekoa Trestle

Tekoa Trailhead Acquisition

State Parks has secured funding and is in the process of acquiring land for a trailhead in Tekoa. We anticipate acquisition of this property to be completed by June 2017. Funding for this acquisition came from WWRP. While the grant request for this property was originally $1,000,000, we expect the final cost of acquisition to be significantly less.


State Parks has incorporated $400,000 into its statewide operations budget package for Iron Horse services. These funds are intended to provide an on-trail staff presence as well as non-staff costs including noxious weed spraying contracts, sterilant application for the trail surface, signs, fencing and gates.


In their July 21, 2016 meeting, the State Parks and Recreation Commission approved a statewide capital budget totaling approximately $96 million.  This capital request includes several projects for Iron Horse State Park.

  • John Wayne Pioneer Trail Lind to Malden Phase 1 Development ($1,539,000)

This is the first of several phases for the trail segment between Lind and Malden.  Future phases will address construction of the Cow Creek Trestle, repair of the tunnels and trestles at Rock Lake and construction of the trailheads.  The first phase includes:
·   Design and engineering for Cow Creek Trestle located between Marengo and Ralston,

·   Design and engineering tunnels 43 and 44 and trestles EE-128 and EE-130 along Rock Lake,

·    Rock fall scaling and removal along Rock Lake, and

·    Design and permitting for trailheads at Kenova, Rock Lake, Revere, Marengo, Ralston, and Lind.

  • Tekoa and Rosalia Trailheads ($999,000)

This project will develop trailhead facilities including sanitary facilities, parking, and orientation signing at Tekoa and Rosalia.

  • John Wayne Trail - Repair Tunnels Trestles Culverts Ph. 3 ($606,000)

This phased project addresses continued implementation of the Iron Horse State Park Trail Master Plan and will complete needed assessments and repairs to trail trestles, tunnels, culverts, and surfacing within Iron Horse State Park Trail west of Lind. The project will also develop trailheads, campsites, restrooms, and other trail facilities.  This project will also address the Surface Drainage Liner over the Tunnel 50 (Snoqualmie Tunnel) East Portal.  The first biennium will address design and permitting.  Construction will occur during subsequent biennia and is anticipated to cost approximately $4.3 million.

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