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Services - Eastern PTCT

This list is a work in progress. If you have comments, changes, or other services to add, please contact
Keep in mind that services in the smaller communities along the trail may have limited hours.)

A valuable source of information is also published by the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders,
as a reference for their ride participants 2020. Click here for their booklet.

(list is not all inclusive)
1. Vantage

  • Blustery's - American food restaurant. 301 Main,     (509) 856-2434
  • Texaco Station/Food Mart  (509) 856-2811 Closes at 3 pm everyday.*call to ask about shuttle across Columbia River
  • Vantage General Store (509) 856-2800. *call to ask about shuttle across Columbia River

2. Beverly
            *call to ask about shuttle across Columbia River
3. Othello
(On Detour - off the trail)
  • FULL SERVICES:  Restaurants, motels, groceries
      (including Wal-Mart, 1860 E. Main)
  • Several motels  
  • No tent camping
4. WardenRestaurants, groceries, gas.
5. Lind
  • Slim's Bar & Grill, 121 N. I St. (opens at 4:00 pm),    (509) 523-4730

               Open M-Sat  6 am to 6 pm,  Sun 10-1pm - Full line of grocery, deli products

  • No lodging
  • As of July 21, 2020, the town of Lind offers no camping in its City Park or "any of its parks," according to mayor Paula Bell. But she said it is lawful to camp at two places with no water or toilets: (1) Lion's Club Park, at E. 1st St. and Van Marter Ave., though it has no water or toilets and is right next to very active railroad tracks, and (2) the Lind Combine Derby grounds, about 0.5 miles east of town on SR 21. That location has a row of trees near the bleachers.
  • WA State Parks owns a wide strip along the trail above town where there are hitching posts and camping is allowed by group permit.
6. Ralston(no services) - Closest full services 10 miles N. in Ritzville
  • Keppler Memorial Park - camping allowed. Call 509-659-0893 to have underground sprinklers turned off, or ask about opening Grange Hall for restroom. Water should be available at the faucet by the kiosk from mid May to mid October, or at the restored pumphouse.  

7. Ritzville
(On Detour - off the trail)
  • FULL SERVICES: Restaurants, motels, groceries
  • Adams County Hospital and Clinic, 903 S. Adams, (509) 488-6644
8. Update:
There are no services in Ewan

Nearest services are in St. John (8 miles S. on SR23)

 In St. John:
  • No camping or lodging in Ewan
  • Creekside Farm B&B (about 5 miles S. of Ewan, 15742 State Route 23 (509) 648-4042
  • Motel 1. 6 North Park St. in St. John (509) 648-3322
9. Malden
  • Malden Library - Open Wed & Fri, 2-6 pm.           (509) 569-3550

  • No lodging
  • Camping allowed in Malden town park. Town Hall/Library/Community Center open for use of bathrooms/shower by appointment  (509) 569-3771. There is a vending machine outside the Town Hall that sells soft drinks.

10. Rosalia
  • Rosalia Empire Market, 610 S. Whitman Ave       (509) 523-3700
  • Rosalia Coffee and More, 508 S. Whitman Ave   (509) 523-5282
  • Whole in the Wall Pizza, 522 S. Whitman Ave
      (509) 523-2195
  • The Red Brick, 528/530 S. Whitman Ave
  • Brass Rail Bar, 529 N. Whitman Ave
      (509) 523-3601
11. Tekoa
  • Tekoa Empire Market
  • C & D's Bar and Grill, (208) 987-0301
  • Eclair's Coffee and Company, 136 S. Crosby St.,   (509)  284-3040
  • The Feeding Station, 205 N. Crosby St, NOW CLOSED

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