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Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail
North Bend to Columbia River

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NOTE: The trestle across the Columbia River at Beverly, connecting the western WA section of trail with the eastern WA section, is CLOSED.

A detour using state highways is required. Bicycles are permitted on the I-90 bridge at Vantage, but for a section of the bridge, there is no shoulder, and where there is shoulder, it can be littered with debris. Traffic and strong cross-winds can contribute to the hazard.

View of the I-90 bridge detour over the Columbia River -
no shoulder here!

View from the handlebars of a bicycle on the I-90 bridge as a semi swings around to pass on the left. Fortunately the semi was able to avoid the cyclist. Note debris along the narrow shoulder. A shuttle in a motorized vehicle is recommended!

Palouse to Cascades Trail
Columbia River to Idaho border
2020 Maps by Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition
*Recent closure of the trail between Beverly-Smyrna necessitates detour using Rd 17 SW/Lower Crab Creek Road

Printable Map of Eastern PTCT - for 8.5" x 11" format

The eastern WA PTCT is largely undeveloped, with some sections closed, private, and/or gated, requiring detours.
The maps below are given out by State Parks when trail users apply for the required PERMITS for the eastern WA PTCT. They are based on the original DNR maps.
Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition
P.O. Box 3011, Winthrop WA 98862
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