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Connecting Trails


Several years ago the Washington State legislature passed a resolution to support a cross state trail. The Palouse to Cascades Trail is only one part (albeit the longest) of the whole system that could make up a complete Washington Cross State Trail eventually.

The map shows the various larger sections, all currently in development: the Olympic Discovery Trail (in green), the Sound to Olympics Trail (in pink), the King County Trails (in blue), and the Palouse to Cascades Trail (in red).

There are still significant trail gaps and obstacles to overcome before there is complete connectivity, but imagine if these trails could connect seamlessly! Washington’s completed cross state trail would become an international recreational destiny. Help us in our effort on the PTCT to make the vision of a complete Cross Washington Trail become a reality.

TRAILS connecting to the PTCT

Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail- From the western end of the PTCT at Rattlesnake Lake, north to Duvall. This trail has connections to other King County trails linking to the greater Seattle metropolitan area.

Columbia Plateau Trail State Park - Crosses over the PTCT in eastern WA, and runs between the Cheney area and TriCities. (See map)

Shown above - The Columbia Plateau Trail crosses over
the Palouse to Cascades Trail in eastern WA's scablands.


Looking east into Idaho at the eastern terminus of the PTCT on the Washington-Idaho border.

The Milwaukee Road corridor continues east through Idaho on private land and intersects with Idaho's Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes only a few miles from the end of the PTCT at the Washington-Idaho border. Remnants of the old Milwaukee Road can be found in Idaho and Montana as well. There are efforts in both Idaho and Montana to develop trails that link sections of this corridor with existing trails. Someday a trail network could connect the Pacific Coast with the Rocky Mountain region, an epic NorthWest system of trails!

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