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Funding for major PTC trail projects comes out of the State Budget.
The WA State legislature starts working on the 2019-2021 Budget in January 2019.


STEP 1 - The Governor submits a 2019-2021 budget proposal to the Legislature. The Governor has already submitted his budget. In his proposal, he requested the following funding for the trail:

      Beverly Bridge

2) $115 million for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation/Recreation Coaliton Office grant program. There are two highly ranked projects in this program: Tekoa Trestle, and Malden to Rosalia development. The WWRP/RCO needs to be funded at the $115 million level to ensure these projects are funded.

These projects are in eastern WA

Tekoa Trestle

If these projects sound familiar to our supporters, it is because the same projects were submitted in the WWRP/RCO grant program in the LAST budget (2017-2019). Some may remember a strong campaign by the Tekoa Trail and Trestle Association (now the Friends of the Tekoa Trestle) to secure funding for their trestle in 2017. At that time the Tekoa Trestle was ranked #1 in the WWRP/RCO program, meaning it would have been funded if legislators from Tekoa’s own legislative district had not exercised a seldom used prerogative. Legislators have the right to remove an RCO grant request from consideration if it is within their own district, and that is what they did. The 9th District legislators removed both the Tekoa Trestle project and the Malden to Rosalia project from any consideration in the 2017-2019 budget. But these projects have been resubmitted for consideration in 2019! We remain hopeful that the WWRP/RCO receives adequate funding from the legislature to fund these projects, AND that these projects are not removed from consideration.

STEP 2 - The Legislature convenes January 14, 2019. Legislators are assigned Committees, and the following Committees are tasked with working on the budget, using the Governor's proposed budget as a starting point. See who is on these committees:
STEP 3 - Once the Budget is passed by both the Washington State House and Senate, the Governor must agree on it to sign it into law.


HOW YOU CAN HELP Support the Beverly Bridge

[Sample letter]

Dear [Representative or Senator] _______,
I am a constituent of yours living in District _____. I ask that you support the Governor's proposal to fund DAHP at the full amount he has requested for rehabilitation of the Beverly Bridge across the Columbia River. This is a historic bridge owned by the State of Washington and this funding will include opening it for use as part of the Palouse to Cascades Trail, a 284 mile long trail across Washington State. The renovation of this bridge will bring recreational and economic benefit to Washington. Thank you for your consideration.



You can also mail your legislator with the above message and include this handout.

Examples of letters written by Boy Scouts from Troups 69 (Moses Lake), 41 (Ephrata) and 888 (Ritzville).

  • CONTACT the Washington State legislative committee members working on the 2019-2021 budget to express your support for full funding for the Beverly Bridge through the Dept. of Archeology and Historic Preservationi, per the Governor's request. Let them know you support the Beverly Bridge with a similar letter as above.

    • IF you live in Washington state's 13th legislative district (the Beverly Bridge is in the 13th legislative district), write, call, or visit Senator Warnick and Representative Dent. Identify yourself as one of their constituents and urge them to request funding for the Bevery Bridge in the 2019-2021 capital budget as above. Since Senator Warnick is on the Ways and Means Committee and the BB is in her District, hearing from her constituents has even more impact.

Senator Warnick:    

Representative Dent:   
HOW YOU CAN HELP Support the WWRP/RCO grants (Tekoa Trestle and Malden to Rosalia development)

Ask your legislator to support these two projects by voting to fund the WWRP at $115 million as proposed by the Governor. You can also support the funding request from WWRP. Sign their letter of support asking for full funding ($130 million) for their complete grant program. WWRP will be lobbying the legislature for this funding.

And finally, support us, the Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition. Every year we travel to Olympia during the legislative session, talk to leaders, and promote the trail.

PTCT Coalition Board Members in Olympia in 2018

Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition
P.O. Box 3011, Winthrop WA 98862
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