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Comments and questions about the trail

Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition
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Jack Harding
2021-07-12 20:49:40
Just rode the "western section" (North Bend to Vantage). Some map corrections:
1) Palouse to Cascades State Park King County- "Allice" Creek should be "Alice Creek". Hiking symbol description should read: "Hiking, Biking, Horseback riding". Tunnel symbol should be added to the trail at Snoqualmie Tunnel and labeled "Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel #50. Lights required". The words "and Snoqualmie Tunnel" should be deleted from "To Palouse To Cascades Trail Kittitas County and Snoqualmie Tunnel".

2) Palouse To Cascades State Park West Kittitas- Turkey Gulch picnic area is NOT where it is shown on the map. It is East of the Yakima River Overlook picnic area. There are no restroom facilities at either location. NOT SHOWN AT ALL on the map is the Ponderosa picnic area, restroom and campground (4 tent pads) which is East of Turkey Gulch. BTW, highway 10 does not go to Spokane.

3) Map showing Tunnel #47 to Beverly- Tunnel #47 should be labeled "Lights Required". Just East of Tunnel #47 should be labeled "Tunnel #47 Picnic Area". Bolyston Tunnel should be labeled "Bolyston Tunnel #45. Lights Required. Detour Option."

The Palouse to Cascades Trail "printable brochure" on the Washington State Park site has similar errors. I haven't ridden the "Eastern" section of the trail do to the heat but I suspect similar errors.

I sent my suggestions to the Easton Headquarters for map revisions but I doubt any of these changes will be incorporated because we all know how much Eastern Washington folks hate Western Washingtonians telling them what to do, especially vaccinations. I suspect this "blog" won't be published even though I own 5 acres near the Smoke Jumpers base.
And NO! ATV, or motorcycles or whatever (electric bikes included) are NOT allowed on the trail! But that doesn't stop them does it? Jack Harding 206*788*7017
2021-04-19 15:49:19
I heard that the Renslow bridge opened last month, but this weekend I rode my bike up to it from Ellensburg and it was fenced off. Is this an officially sanctioned closure or the work of an unwilling landowner? The fencing job looked like something farmer Bob constructed.

Can you please provide some clarity?
Thank you
2021-04-06 10:54:50
Is the Renslow Trestle open? I can only find that the completion date was estimated for March 2021. Did it get finished? Or is a detour still required?
William Casey
2021-03-23 18:41:20
How about some unofficial coaching....even though the Beverly Bridge is not yet revamped, it looks like any careful person could walk across it. Can I do so w/o getting arrested? [I would do so totally at my own risk]
Don Neifert
2021-02-21 12:50:17
From the WA State Parks website:

"The Rock Lake area has both East and West side in-and-out experiences. Heading West to East, you can proceed 3 miles in before encountering an impassable trestle. Heading East to West, you can safely proceed 2.25 miles in before encountering a restricted tunnel."

Can you confirm this is the case? I was under the impression the detour there is linked to private property issues, not physical impasses. I'd like to ride as much of the Rock Lake stretch as is allowed when I tour the PTC this summer (without getting crosswise with land owners) even if it means back tracking from each end. Thanks!
Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition
2021-02-04 21:33:42
The Pine City-Malden section of trail will open when funding becomes available for trestle repair. This may be dependent on some federal funding through FEMA since this has just been declared eligible for national disaster relief by the Biden administration. Unfortunately, this process is slow. We do not have a date for repair of the trestle between Malden and Pine City, but the section between Rosalia and Malden should be opened sooner since damage was less, and there are grant funds for improvement of this section that can be used. State Parks needs to clear any trees or vegetation that was burned from along the trail that could pose a hazard first, but we'll let the public know as soon as we hear that section has been opened. Thanks for your interest!
Van B Brinkerhoff
2021-02-04 14:36:43
Any ETA on opening the Malden-Pine City section of the trail?
2020-10-22 17:49:21
Is the trail open along Rock Lake? I know there was a contract awarded to work on the trail & rail tunnels. Has any of that occurred, is the trail open through that area, etc.
Jon M
2020-09-25 20:23:22
ATVs are not permitted on the trail. Non-motorized vehicles only.
The Bolyston tunnel is open. The ends have been cleaned out, but there is some rockfall in the middle. Wooden braces have been added. The detour that was built back when the tunnel is closed still exists and is signed, but the surface quality is poor and it is quite steep. The willows on the east side are a bit of a pain to go around, however. I personally ride through the tunnel.
A bike trailer that is 3 feet wide will fit on the trail, but passing people (going same or opposite direction) may be difficult with a trailer that wide.
There is a blog linked on this website that describes some people walking the trail from Tekoa to Rattlesnake Lake. It took them about three weeks, at a relaxed pace. Reading that blog and consulting the same resources as bikers and horse riders should give you all the info you need. There are many homes on the trail in Eastern WA (and small towns), and trailheads and businesses in Western WA.
2020-08-03 05:58:34
Are ATVs allowed on the trail?
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