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The Beverly Bridge

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The Beverly Bridge, the trestle that crosses the Columbia River, bisects the Palouse to Cascades trail into east and west, and is currently closed for safety concerns. This represents a significant trail gap. Washington Depart. of Natural Resources (DNR) owns this bridge. We would like to hear from trail supporters regarding their thoughts on renovating this bridge and DNR's responsibility for maintaining the section of the trail still owned by DNR (known by DNR as the "Milwaukee Corridor" - between Beverly and Lind).
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2018-10-23 03:25:51
Has anybody explored getting permission to cross Wanapun Dam?
2018-10-23 00:00:49
Has anybody explored getting permission to cross Wanapun Dam?
Dan S
2018-09-23 22:34:12
I am biking the trail from Rattlesnake Lake to Vantage for the third year in a row, 4 of us on the trip. We do the trip in 3 days stopping at Lk, Easton state park on night 1, KOA in ellensburg on night 2 and then to vantage on the third day, picked up by one of our very thoughtful spouses! All of us on the trip have talked about how it would be so great if we could keep going further east by crossing the Beverly bridge. This could be such an amazing resource if we could just put the few missing pieces together.
Steve Luten
2018-03-05 12:31:39
I am an avid biker and am currently planning a ride along the eastern portion of the JWPT. Crossing the Columbia is a MAJOR issue. My best option currently is to ride to Vantage and try to hitch a ride in the back of a truck across the I-90 bridge. This doesn't seem like the best plan but what are my other options?

The Beverly Bridge would be a game changer for accessing the eastern trail. I think people would come just to cross the bridge.
Bob Myrick
2017-11-12 20:04:33
Why can't we just reopen Wanapum Dam crossing and begin working on Beverly Bridge deck? Someone told me the local Tribe might be still using Wanapum Dam crossing?
Joe Korbuszewski
2017-08-09 16:56:13
I ride the western portion of the JWPT frequently, and have began making an annual trip to Ellensburg and back, adding more and more people to the trip every year. The ONLY thing keeping us from the east side is the lack of a safe passage across the river. We toyed with the idea of crossing I-90 but there is no shoulder and the traffic and winds can be very dangerous. Give touring cyclists (and Horseback riders and cross-country hikers) a safe way to cross and trail use on the east side will increase.
2017-07-30 15:41:07
My husband and I love doing long rail to trails. We are looking into the JWPT for summer 2018. I have some questions: First, Is camping the only option in the eastern section of the trail? Secondly, Is there a way around the marsh between Lone Pine and Tekoa? It just doesn't seem like our cup of tea. Camping, yes-marsh, no. Thanks for any input!
Jerry Griffin
2017-06-17 22:51:46
this is a railroad bridge, right? It's built to carry the immense weight of a freight train, not a few bicycles. if it needs a new surface, that should be relatively easy, and then we wouldn't have to face the traffic over the I-90 bridge. Then there's the Wanapum Dam, closed for fears of a "terrorist" attack. I did 2 tours with SEAL I, and I'd like to ask the politicians involved if they have any idea ho much conventional explosives it would take to impact that bridge. Hint: on a bicycle....not possible.
B. Collison
2017-03-11 11:32:26
Hello. I'm in the process of planning the 2017 version of the annual guys' bike trip. We're looking the John Wayne Trail, the Coeur d'Alene routes and a route up the Mississippi River out of the Twin Cities. We do this every year and we spend money in towns along the way. From what I can tell, opening the Beverly bridge would be a massive improvement in the JWT and also a heck of a visual asset to the overall ride experience. I hope we get a chance to roll across it someday soon!
Julie Bennett
2017-01-30 17:41:51
Build it and they will come. Yes if the bridge is repaired it will help draw more folks to the trail, You just have to look at the other Rail Trails around the country to see the popularity !! There are many great examples. More people on this trail will bring in more revenue for surrounding communities. I personally will travel to Pittsburgh to ride the GAP/C&O path to Washington DC. There are trails in Oregon that are very similar to the JWPT that I have and will continue to ride. My money will go to the restaurants, grocery stores and campgrounds in those areas. It could also go to the areas around the JWPT.
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