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Adventure Cyclist columnist Willie Weir and his partner Kat Marriner cycled exotic and amazing places for 20 years... then they got a dog.

Tiva came to them via Tiawan. Rescued from a garbage dump, this scared little Formosan Rescue Dog was deemed the "Reluctant Traveler". For the next 3 years, Kat and Willie worked with the goal of taking Tiva on a bike trip. Little did they know that the trail they had selected was a recent rescue as well.

If you love bicycle travel, dogs, or public trails, you won't want to miss this heartwarming tale of love, patience, and persistence.
Willie Weir contracted a severe case of Wanderlust, left a career as a stage actor, hopped on a bike, and pedaled into a life of travel, adventure and discovery.

His two-wheeled adventures have taken him all over the globe -- from the horse tracks of the highlands of Lesotho, to the war-torn roads of Bosnia, to the back  roads of Colombia and Cambodia.      

He is a columnist for  Adventure Cyclist magazine (20 years and counting), and the author of Travels with Willie and Spokesongs. He is the recipient of gold, silver, and bronze Lowell Thomas  Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers.

Willie's recent adventure takes him across Washington State on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail with his wife Kat and pup Tiva.

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